Digital Ocean provide free 100$ Credit to every new user for one time.

Digital Ocean

We are going to use this credits to host our ctf.

Note: You will get credits, only if you have Credit Card, International Debit Card or PayPal account.

After creating the account, go to homepage and click on Get started with a Droplet.


After this, you will get an option to choose OS. I will go for Ubuntu 18.4 (LTS) x64. Will config it to:

  • 8 GB/ 4 CPUs
  • 5 TB Transfer
  • 160 GB SSD

image image

After choosing the plan, choose a datacenter region. Now, create a password for root.


Then, click on Create Droplet option. You will get your IP address once all done.

Now login into the machine with ssh.

*Username: root Password: *

apt update && apt upgrade Once update & upgrade is done. We have to install docker & docker-compose. apt install docker docker-compose All done? Visit ctfd deployment (docs) page to proceed. CTFd


Now open tmux session by typing tmux. Clone the ctfd repo first & then move forward.

git clone

Move to CTFd dir and open docker-compose.yml file. Here, we have to update the secret key & workers (so that it can handle the load.) After making changes, save & exit docker-compose.yml file. And type docker-compose up. It will start your ctfd. This may take few minutes. All done 👍

image Now, visit cloudflare website, add your website with a free plan [Basic]. Once the website is added successfully, add a record in DNS Management as follows:

*Type: A Name: IPv4 Address: *

Just save it. Now visit your subdomain site and setup your admin account with other configurations. Now sit back and enjoy 😉